I Want Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere

I Want it More than i can tell

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clint and natasha discover snapchat and it’s the worst thing to ever happen to anyone

  • clint giving a double-thumbs up while he falls out of a building
  • (amateurs, he captions it.)
  • natasha doing a handstand on cap’s shield, mid-air
  • (aww that’s cute, she posts on clint’s wall)
  • and it goes back and forth until fury holds a team meeting and cap actually bans them from his house
  • "you super-glued your phone to the shield, natasha." 
  • "necessary evil. it wasn’t staying on with regular tape."  
  • and then clint and natasha get a ping and it’s some girl in sunglasses and a purple crop top, standing on top of the avengers tower and shooting laser arrows
  • captioned: get on my level. scrubs. K. B. 

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