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The short on Lucy (aka the prequel to Her)

It was weird? I don’t want to say it was bad but I’m not necessarily sure if I truly enjoyed the movie. The acting, however, was superb. A lot of Johansson’s acting was what I tend to call her “Natasha.” The very subtle, calculating changes in her face that speak volumes, yet also emotive at times while continuing a sort of detached-ness (which works amazing for Natasha Romanoff and Lucy).

But I’m still not sure I really liked the movie. It’s sort of like Under the Skin for me, where I was indifferent but appreciative of the message. However I’m still not sold on Lucy’s message. It definitely needs a second viewing I think

And, yes, I am just going to think of this movie as a Her prequel because it totally works

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That’s why I love it so much though.  Because it’s so, so easy to forget this — SHIELD constantly forgets this — but Steve *is* a child.  He was twenty-six years old and terrified when he died.  And to him, that was maybe ten days ago.  Just — ten days ago, he died.  Eleven days ago, he watched his best friend and protector fall to his death in a clusterfuck he will always believe was his fault.  Ten days ago, he died while the listening to Peggy cry on the other end of a static-filled radio.  Ten days ago, he was still in 1945.  He was supposed to leave it; it wasn’t supposed to leave him.  And he woke up, and everyone he loved was gone, and now he’s confronted with an agency that’s lying to him about everything and he’s just found in their storage facility the exact weapon that killed the person he loved most and he’s arguing with a man who looks far too much like someone he called a friend, who he knows now is dead, who died violently in a car crash, and he doesn’t know Tony well enough to know this is how he deals with fear, so to him, this is just…someone with money, with all the privilege and padding he and Bucky never had, who would never have to go to war if he didn’t want to, making light of a situation way too close to Steve’s chest.

Steve was being prickly as hell through most of this movie, but he was bleeding out and in pain and had no one to bleed on.  The comment he makes to Tony, about knowing guys with none of that worth ten of him?  Imagine all of the people he was thinking about then.  All of the people he knew he’d never see again; who he wished he wasn’t standing there to never see again.  Trying to organize a time bomb and remembering the Commandos.  Trying to co-lead with a man he doesn’t yet understand, and remembering Bucky.  Trying so hard not to keep seeing him fall.  Being expected to be above all of those messy human emotions, because he’s Captain America, and while he was asleep that name became a legend so much bigger than any real, living person could be.

He’s only twenty-six.

I just made myself sad.

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my god someone write a fic

where Natasha is at the hospital with Sam while Steve is still unconscious

and it’s been a few days and Steve’s been out a while

and Tasha’s out in the hall, like, getting a snack or something

and Clint shows up all beat up looking and he’s like “hey are you okay?”

and Tasha is like “yes??”

and Clint’s like “okay, good, cause I’m not”

and just like passes out in her arms

and Sam is like “oh shit” and helps her drag him to the nearest doctor and/or nurse

and Sam, when he gets up on a break or whatever sees Natasha squeezed onto Clint’s hospital bed, holding his hand while he’s sleeping

and he’s like “oh, so that’s how it is”

and then later when Steve wakes up, a very drugged up Clint wants to go see him

so Tasha helps drag his high ass over to see Steve

and Clint’s just like “howdy neighbor”

and he and Steve banter and joke and stuff

and Clint thanks Sam for watching out for Steve and Natasha

and yeah

I just want this okay

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honeysunk asked: Headcanons for Natasha Romanoff's relationships with women.


By “relationships with women” I’m going to assume you mean “relationship with Sharon Carter” because that’s where my head is at right now.

My general headcanon about Natasha is that she was a really late bloomer, only realising that she’s into women relatively late in life, because what with the brainwashing and implanted memories and everything, it was pretty hard to be genuinely into anything, and for a while after that, it was difficult to trust her own instincts about who and what she liked and why. Because of that + the difficulty she has in sharing anything genuine about herself, she hasn’t had many (any?) real, serious relationships, and is insecure being part of a couple.

MORE SPECIFICALLY, my headcanon about her and Sharon is that they had a really brief, really intense relationship before Natasha broke it off because she knew she was getting in way over her head, like, having real feelings and shit. (And that’s part of why Sharon agrees to the undercover gig to watch Steve, because at least it means that if she has to see Natasha, she actually can’t interact with her in any meaningful way, because she’s not supposed to know her. Having that clear-cut boundary helps her Get Over It, because there are definitely feelings to get over, which makes her feel like an idiot, because god, Sharon, it’s the Black Widow, what did you expect, but that’s the thing: it never felt like it was just an act with Natasha.) But that’s why she tries to set up Steve with Sharon: because she thinks Sharon deserves better, deserves someone who’s funny and sweet and honest and Steve ticks all those boxes, and it never occurs to her that she is too, when she wants to be.

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I was wondering if you could do an imagine when Steve and Nat have to go on a mission but they have to be "married" and they have to do some romantic things... (You can make it however you want, just use the plot) btw I love your blog


Tony’s gabbling into Steve’s earpiece, telling him to look over Natasha’s shoulder because there’s someone there looking suspicious. Steve leans forward, reaching out and taking Nat’s hand over the dining table. She’s not wearing an earpiece because she’s got her hair twisted up into an elaborate hairdo held together by chopsticks that are sharpened like icepicks. He squeezes her hand momentarily and tilts his head to the right.

She picks up on his signal immediately, smiling flirtatiously at him and leaning to her left, into him a little closer, a smirk growing on her mouth, and he holds still for a few moments until Tony signals that the glasses-cam Steve’s wearing has gotten a good enough picture of everyone that side of the room.

Meanwhile, Nat shifts up until her mouth is next to his free ear and kisses the spot under his earlobe. He slings his arm around her waist. “Your seven o’clock. That’s our mark,” she murmurs.

"But Tony—" he replies, but she’s already shaking her head.

"No. Believe me. I’m going to ask him to dance. You, you watch my six."

He swears under his breath when she slips from his grasp, and grits his teeth when he hears Tony’s gasp in his ear.

"Why, Captain,” Tony remarks, “I didn’t realize you had that sort of language in you.”

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NW love stories: Comic book power couple Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction on life and love | OregonLive.com


Has your professional success put pressure on your marriage?

Matt: It’s been a learning experience. My instinct is to recede a little bit more, and hers is to project.

Kelly Sue: You’re very good on a stage, but it costs you energy to interact with people. I am a full-on extrovert. When we do a convention, he is completely wiped out, and I am vibrating. Outside of a comic convention we’re not celebrities, but we have higher profiles. That has been harder on you than it has been on me, but I wouldn’t say it’s been hard on the marriage.

Matt: No.

Kelly Sue: We do a very dorky thing. We get together every six months and have a formal meeting.

Matt: It works best when it’s treated like a retreat. We have a state of the union meeting and we look at where we are personally and professionally.

Kelly Sue: We start with a project list for each of us. We go through all the projects and ideas we’ve had, no matter what state they’re in. We set six-month, one-year, five-year, and 10-year goals, and check in on the list from the previous six months. We do this on the professional side, and then we repeat the process on the personal side. It makes sure we’re talking about things. You don’t want to find out accidentally somebody had a whole different vision of the future.

Matt: I’m quoting the bard here, but we got married in a fever, so there was a lot of still getting to know you when we were married. We hadn’t even had our first fight. When we had our first post-marriage fight the same thought occurred to us: What are you going to do, call a lawyer? (laughs) We’ve got to make this work.

Kelly Sue: Everything has to be solution-oriented. If you’re mean-spirited in your fighting, it’s very hard to come back from that.


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