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Anonymous asked: Imagine bucky and natasha sparring and just really enjoying pissing each other off as much as possible until it eventually deteriorates into silly play fighting and trying to make each other laugh


Bucky’s expecting a serious workout when he asks natasha to spar with him, a chance to get his mind off all the new-old memories in his head by losing himself in physicality. but she’s not trying to block his strikes, she’s bobbing and dodging and weaving and he feels like he’s trying to catch smoke. He can’t land a blow when all he wants is to feel the shock of impact jar his flesh and blood arm, and he’s getting so frustrated with the knowing smirk on her face. 

He can see the end of the fight coming before it happens, knows a split second before she does it that he’s left himself open in a moment of impatience. He’s expecting to find himself dazed on the ground with her thighs clamped around his neck and he braces for it, so he’s entirely unprepared for the way she slips under his guard and clever fingers find that one tender spot that was always so ticklish, even when he was at his worst, and in a few seconds she has him on the ground, breathless with laughter as they roll around together like children roughhousing. he realizes that all the tension and frustration he’d been carrying have flooded out of his body as she giggles above him, more carefree than he’s ever heard her before. 

She always did know what he really needed better than he did. 

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