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Five years ago, I was escorting a nuclear engineer out of Iran. Somebody shot out my tires near Odessa. We lost control, went straight over a cliff. I pulled us out. But the Winter Solider was there. I was covering my engineer so he shot him straight through me. Soviet slug. No rifling. Bye-bye, bikinis. 

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Real life hobby of mine - redrawing life drawing poses as avengers. I have so many of these so many


Agent Barton was sent to kill me, he made a different call. 

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drew some babes for my rp pals today, figured I should post them together~


crazy4orcas said: Natasha, Maria, and Pepper actually do take over the world.


my persuasion can build a nation, g, title from Beyonce’s Run the World

It’s surprisingly easy, they find. The business sector bows to Stark Industries’ influence, to shell companies and out-right buyouts and lunches with CEOs where she smiles and the knives lie glittering on white table clothes. Organizations with names like alphabet soup are an open book once you’ve learned to read them, once you work your way into the hierarchy and find connections, find loopholes, find that standing at the helm of one makes you capable of steering them all. And there is always movement in the shadows, lies and spies and another card to play on the table when everything can be rigged in their favor, everything can be arranged to go smoothly.

They keep out of the spotlight, discreet and subtle and never the focus of attention, never the headliners or culprits; after all, women have ever been the power behind the throne, the force behind great men, haven’t they? No one notices them, and it’s just how they like it.

By the time the world is willing to give them the credit they’re due, it’s theirs - and it’s too late.


geektopea said: Imagine Peggy working with Natasha to set Steve up with Sharon.


It was Nick who first introduced them, not long after Natasha first joined SHIELD.  He’d thought if she met one of SHIELD’s founders with whom she had a decent amount in common, it might help her in more ways than one.

He’d been right, of course, and Natasha has visited Peggy at least once or twice a month (sometimes more, when she can find the time or really needs to decompress) ever since.

They discuss everything from difficult missions to their respective pasts to possible (real) dates of Nick Fury’s birth (that one’s still an ongoing debate), and Natasha finds it comforting to have someone on the outside that she can talk to about classified SHIELD assignments. 

Since his discovery in the ice and the battle in New York, Steve Rogers has increasingly filled their conversations, with Peggy fondly recalling memories and Natasha keeping tabs on him and reporting on all the things he’s just too… Steve… to actually tell her about on his own visits.

So when Natasha finishes regaling Peggy with the harrowing tale of four days in the desert with Clint Barton and, after their laughter ends in a moment of silence, Peggy asks “How is he?”, Natasha has no question who she is asking about.

"Well," she answers with a lopsided smile, "fighting an alien invasion was easier than finding him a date."

Peggy laughs.  “He still has no idea how to talk to a woman, does he.”

She returns Peggy’s laugh with a smirk.  “Well, he might learn if he ever managed to get that far.”  Her grin fades a little, eyes betraying a perceptive nostalgia (even without all the details, Natasha’s never been able to turn off her ability to read between the lines).  “But I’m pretty sure he’s still stuck on you.”

Neither of them needs voice the fact that for Steve, it’s barely been two years, that part of him still expects to turn the corner to Peggy’s room and find her standing in that red dress, waiting to put on a record and sweep him onto the dance floor… or that for Peggy it’s been a lifetime, that she never forgot him but moved on and lived a life, and that now that life is coming to a close.

Instead, Peggy just smiles, a little sadder, but determined.  “It sounds like he needs a bit of a push.”

After less than a second of thinking, Natasha’s eyes light up, and she immediately puts her game face on.  “DId Sharon happen to tell you where she just got assigned?”

Peggy’s sly, discerning eyes are all the answer Natasha needs.


whereisbarton said: Imagine Bucky watching Natasha doing Yoga. She has a routine she does every morning after waking up and he just likes to sit and watch her do the poses. It is kind of relaxing for him too.


Bucky likes to watch Nat doing just about anything - she has an easy grace about her that’s beautiful to watch even when she’s doing the simplest of tasks - and her morning yoga routine is one of the highlights of his day.

She always starts by opening the curtains in the living room, letting the morning light come in, and there in the sunlight in the middle of the floor, she begins her routine. The first few times, he’d been sitting at the kitchen table, eating his cereal, and he wasn’t sure if what she was doing was private, and he would politely pretend he wasn’t watching.

After awhile, though, it became part of his morning routine, too. Watching her body move fluidly and slowly from one pose to another brought a sort of peace to his morning that he wasn’t sure he’d ever have again. 

It’s not till after the first month or so that she turns her head and catches his eye. He grins at her, a little embarrassed to be caught staring.

"James." She smiles back kindly. "You want to teach you how to do the routine too? It feels really good."

He contemplates for a moment. “Yeah…okay. Sure. That sounds…nice.”

And that’s how they start every morning, now, moving through yoga poses together before sitting down and sharing breakfast with the whole day ahead of them.


Well, there’s a chance you might be in the wrong fucking business

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